From iPod to iPhone to iPad…to iDesk? (or not)

Since the inception of the iPod, Apple has always been a force to be a reckoned with and a truly revolutionary company. As a joke, someone once wrote that three Apples changed the world:

1. Adam and Eves’ – the original sin of the apple consumed which caused them to be banished from the Garden of Eden

2. Sir Isaac Newtons’ – the apple that fell on his head and brought about one of the most well known scientific theories, that of the Universal law of Gravitation

and 3. Steve jobs’ – the apple products that at least one of which, if not multiple, reside in our homes.

Apple is constantly giving birth to fun and innovative new products, it’s surprising therefore that Samsung is the one to come out with a quirky part table-part iPad style design.

The Samsung SUR40 interactive touch table has been designed with businesses in mind. It comes with a 40-inch high-definition screen with a 1080p, 16:9, 1920 x 1080 display. Being a mere four inches thin, it allows for both horizontal and vertical use, for the user to hang it on the wall, embed it into the walls or make it stand on the legs available (like a table). Customers can also design and attach their own legs to the monitor should they wish to do so.

The business ideal behind it is that it can do anything a PC can do, without the need for a mouse and keyboard and lots of messy wires. Being so space-conscious, slim and lightweight, it aims to replace the standard office desk/PC set-up most offices have, although at a £8,454.00 (incVAT) price tag, it seems like an expensive aim to meet.

With its’ touch technology PixelSense, multi-touch and object recognition software to maximize the performance, the Samsung SUR40 with its’ increased interaction would be a useful device in so many industries; in health and medicine, in education, as well as business. Not only in an economical sense, on a personal level, for entertainment purposes, the Samsung table/tablet hybrid is one nifty looking device.

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