The price and popularity of a blackberry, for mobile recycling companies

According to many mobile phone recycling sites, blackberries are one of the most traded in for cash phones. A study about mobile phone recycling shows that up to 28 per cent of all smartphone sales were blackberries. Although admittedly, this is a low figure considering the amount of recycled blackberry phones.

In January a mass total of £2.63million pounds worth of mobile phones were recycled for cash, and the Blackberry handsets dominated the list. It made up almost 40 per cent of all handsets being traded for cash.

Figures from one mobile recycling site show a total of 41,0009 mobile recycled in January 2012. Perhaps due to the post holiday season and Christmas and boxing day sales, people have upgraded to newer models and phones, leaving them to sell their old handsets.

The company that makes Blackberry, Research in Motion also suffered a knock to its reputation at the end of last year. Many of their customers were left without access to information on their phones for more than four days. RIM software vice president David Yach told a press conference in Ottawa, Canada that “It is a backlog issue,” and that “Clearly we have a backlog in Europe… as you can imagine, with the global reach of Blackberry and people using it to contact others around the world, there’s a lot of messages to Europe from Asia and the Americas. Over time that backlog has built up and affected our other systems”

The large backlog and blackouts have left millions of users without email, web browsing and Blackberry Messaging (BBM) services. The “issues” meant that many Blackberry owners were only able to text and make phone calls.

Trading in blackberries for cash can fetch you £52 for a BlackBerryCurve 8520, £92.50 for BlackBerry Bold 9700, £121 for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and £47 for BlackBerry Curve, according to SellMyMobile January 2012 figures.

UK-based designer Alexander Amosu launched ‘the world’s most expensive BlackBerry’. The device is made of out 18 carat yellow gold and is studded with 4,459 diamonds with a net weight of 28.43 carats. The device can be personalised with the owner’s name and company logo. Only three editions of the device will ever be made and its price is set at £200,000.

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