Mobile Phone lamination helps the mobile phone remain safe

I an going to narrate a very interesting story that happened with me when I went to a picnic with my family of three on a lake at the border of my district. Although it was a working day but I have settled with my boss that I will be very well available on my latest mobile phone. I was very happy after I have bought my latest mobile phone which is the coveted iPhone 4s. Not only I could check emails while I was on the move, I could also send mails and view attachments. The latest application on my mobile phone – Mobile Office allowed me to view, edit or create documents, spreadsheet and presentations on the mobile itself. My boss had agreed too.

I reached the lake site and we took a hut to change our clothes, and arrange for the picnic. My younger kid was asking me to take him closer to the lake. So I took my iPhone 4s and reached the shore of the lake. There was a call and entered the shore of the lake with the mobile phone. The water was knee deep. My son wanted to get deeper. suddenly he tumbled and while tyring to save my son, my latest iPhone 4s took a dip into the water.

Seeing this my son, whom I have saved from falling in the water, started to cry. He thought I will be angry on this as the latest mobile phone would be ruined. I put my hand in the water and took my iPhone 4s out and continued talking to my friend. I told my friend what has happened and he laughed.

When I come out, my son asked what has happened to the latest mobile phone iPhone 4s. I said nothing. he was astonished. I showed him the phone and told the secret that saved my phone. I have laminated the phone soon after I purchased it from a mobile phone shop. The shopkeeper has told that if I laminate the phone then and there, the chances of damage to the phone by water would be minimized. He was right.

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