Mobile Phone as an Audio Player – Ultimate Experience

When Apple Inc launched iPod, the music industry has changed forever. iPod allowed music lovers to carry thousands on songs in their pocket and enjoy music on the go. The long battery life and style of the iPod created a cult of digital music lovers. Several companies tried to follow the path of apple to create a dummy of iPod but no one could succeed the Apple does.
The next wave of revolution for the mobile phone users have come with the introduction of multimedia facilities in the mobile phones. The latest mobile phones like iPhone 4S have come up with very good multimedia facilities which ensures a highly melodious experience to the user. One can store thousands of the songs in one’s mobile phone and then listen at the leisure.
The benefit of the mobile phone based music player is that you don’t have to carry two separate gadgets i.e. a mobile phone as well a music player. It is so convenient to carry thousands of the music and song files in your mobile phone.
The latest mobile phone stores the music and songs in a MP3 format. MP3 format is the latest format of multimedia files which is compressed in nature. One MP3 file is usually four to five mega bytes (MB). In a average storage ship for the mobile phone which is eight to ten GB, one can store about one thousand and twenty four songs in one’s mobile phone. This is simple awesome number almost one hundred twenty music albums in your mobile phone.
Latest mobile phone like iPhone 4s offers the stereo surround sound is one has a stereo supported headset. The graphics user interface (GUI) of the mobile phone allows easy sorting and search of music so you can play the music according to your taste any time anywhere.

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