iPhone 4s going through a severe supply shortage

In this era of economic depression where companies are crying for the shortage of the sales, there is a company which is depressed with its inability to supply its products to the users. This is a rare example of Supply unable to meet the demand in this economic scenario. You must be wondering what!

It is nothing but  your favourite iPhone 4S. One of the most amazing phone of its era, is going through a severe supply crisis. When steve jobs launched iPhone 4S, not even he has imagines that the sales of iPhone 4s will break all records on a global level. The situation s so worse that people are ready to stand in long queues at the Apple store to get this phone. On online websites that sell iPhone 4s, the users are sending request for pre orders.

Some news analysts says that the shortage of supply of iPhone 4s is a false situations created by the company as a new marketing gimmick. By creating a vaccum it wants to create a curiosity among the users. Because those who pre ordered the iPhone 4S on mobile phone sites got their oders fulfilled within a week.

On other hand some analysts says that the Apple’s production facility located in several South Asian country had got wrong feedback about the demand from its marketing department. The manufacturing units were developed to create fewer phones than the current demand of the latest model of iPhone 4s.

Whatever, the ultimate looser is the user is the end user who is missing the opportunity to buy a iPhone 4S at the right and desired time.

It is being advised that if you are looking for a iPhone 4s them pre order it now so you can get the delivery within seven days at the most.

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