Security Features in iPhone 4S

Mobile Phone security has become as important as computer security measures. Because more and more people are switching from computers to mobiles the virus and security attacks are increasing on the mobile phones. Except very high end phones likes iPhone 4s which has latest hardware and software technologies, rest of the phones are vulnerable to the mobile phone security hacks and viruses.

The mobile security leak can not only suck the contact data from the users’s mobile but also steal the financial information. Because some many people use mobile phone to do financial transactions and accessing ecommerce sites, it is important that one should have a mobile phone which is very secured.

An iPhone 4S is one of the most secured phone which has been launched by the Apple Inc. Many services on iPhone 4S work in tandem, with the apple’s servers. These servers are are highly secured.  The data transfer between the iPhone 4S and the Apple server works through a secured HTTP protocol i.e. through an https server. The secured direct connection helps the data to be transferred to the server with no possibility of an external interception. Indeed Apple Inc is the only company that has used this technology for the first time.

Other security features in the iPhone 4s is the finger print based access to the phone. The finger print based access ensures that only authorized owner of the phone can open the phone and make calls. This features is so secured that a person said that a thief has to cut the owner’s finger to steal the iPhone 4s.

Third security feature of the iPhone 4s is the secured mobile applications available for the iPhone 4s. these applications are available on the iPhone store and available at very  cost effective prices.

If you are looking to buy secured mobile phone, iPhone 4s is a natural choice. So go for it.

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