iPhone 4S Siri – the Ultimate Application That Everybody Loves

When Apple launched iPhone 4S, everyone what is so great about iPhone 4S. Several other phones also have similar features like ease of use, touch screen, several applications, fast speed, sleek look and so on and so forth.  The cost of iPhone 4S was higher than the latest mobile phones with the similar features.

While it seemed that iPhone 4 S was a normal latest mobile phone, when Siri, a personal assistant application was unveiled, it changes the rules of the game.  Apple’s Steve Job, now deceased, took everybody by surprise. Siri was a next leap in the mobile application software.

Siri is a service that runs on Apple iPhone  4 S and accesses Apple’s server. A user can use their natural English language to give commands to the mobile phone. iPhone 4S will use this natural language and answer the user’s questions, make various recommendations. Siri can also handle several other user friendly requests that are pre-set in the Apple’s server.

It is said that Siri has artificial intelligence that can grab the personal preferences of the user and take actions based on those preferences. The mobile phone users can perform several tasks using Siri like: making a hotel reservation, making a credit card payment, making a dinner reservation, update social network and any other activity that one can do on Internet.

Over the time Siri application has become the biggest reason for customers to buy an iPhone 4S.  Several companies have tried to provide features similar to iPhone 4S but they have failed.

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