Disadvantages of a cheap mobile phone

Often when you go to market to buy a latest mobile phone, you find a large range of cheap mobile phones with the same or better features available at a highly low price. You are tempted to quit your love for your favourite iPhone 4s, Blackberry or Nokia and opt for a similar look alike mobile phone sets.  However, like other temptation this can also be deceptive and have lots of disadvantages in a long run.

In Asian countries like India, and several African countries, Chinese cheap lookalike mobile phones have lured a lot of poor people to buy cheap mobile phones. Some of these mobile phones were of very low grade especially their batteries. These low quality batteries pose a health and sometimes fatal health hazard to the users. There have been thousands of incidents where battery has exploded causing serious injury to the users.  In extreme cases there have been deaths also.  The battery has been found to explode mainly when a user was talking over the phone whole the phone was plugged to the charging plug.

Other disadvantage of a cheap mobile phone is the security. Every mobile phone has a IMIE number which is a unique number to every cell phone. This number helps the mobile service provider to trace the details of a mobile phone. In the cheap mobile phones this number is missing which is a serious hazard to the country and the user as well.

If you have a temptation to buy a cheap mobile phone then resist this temptation because it can be dangerous. Instead you can try a used version of a high end mobile phone like iPhone 4S from apple. You can search for a used version on our site at very affordable process if you don’t find please contact us and our representative will help you find a phone within your budget.

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