World’s first quad core handset to be launched soon

A Taiwanese latest mobile phone manufacturer is about to launch a mobile handset which will be powered by a quad core chipset. The use of Quad core chipset is likely to increase the computing speed of the mobile phones by multi folds. With the quad core handset the mobile phone technology will super cede the computer technology.

The technology will empower the mobile phones to offer latest content services such as music store, Read bookstore, Watch movie portal and Play gaming hub as well as the all new Sense 4.0 user interface. It somehow means the mobile phone will also compete with the e-book reading devices like Amazon Kindle. Powered by the high resolution and larger screen with high degree of clarity, the smaller and easy to pocket devices will reduce dependency on computer and other similar storage devices.

This soon to be launched mobile will have features like 5.3 -inch 1280×720 pixel screen, one Giga Byte Random Access Memory, an eight mega pixel camera with twenty eight milli meter m focus two point two lens, thirty two Giga byte onboard storage, Bluetooth 4.0 and latest Audio technology.

It is very unclear who will supply the chip for this mobile – although there are only two companies that have capability to produce quad core chip set. The first provider in the company nVidia and other provider is Quallcomm. However, it is said that nVidia has already tied up with another rival company to supply the chip set, it is likely that Qualcomm will partner with this Taiwanese company.

Whatever, happens the quad core handset with 4G capabilities that are not available even in iPhone 4S will complete change the mobile technology landscape. So tie your belts and be ready for some firsthand action with the little devil in your palm.

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