iPhone 4s Look alike Mobile – To buy or Not to Buy

Chinea being the manufacturing capital of the World has been providing the cheap mobile phones of the OEM vendors like Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, and even Apple. These Multinational organizations order the mobile phone manufacturing to the companies in China who use cheap labour to produce high quality mobile phones. These phones are then exported from china under their respective brand name in various countries. If you open a mobile phone and look at the manufacturer, you are most like to read “Made in China”. It is not only the mobiles that are manufactured in China but also most of the computer parts.

After supplying the cheap mobiles phones to the companies in Western part of the world, the Chinese manufacturing companies stealthily stole the technology and started manufacturing mobile phones for several other companies supplying to the markets like India and African Countries where there is a huge demand for cheap mobile phones.  The poor people in these countries also want to have a phone but they were unable to bear the high cost of mobile phones devices provided by Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry or an iPhone 4s.

There come the several local brands which filled the market with feature rich cheap mobile phones. The features like touch-screen, double SIM, Facebook Apps, Gmail Apps, Sound and Video Editor etc. were available at down to earth prices. An iPhone 4s duplicate could be purchased in as little as thirty dollars and the features were strikingly similar.

Howevere, can these cheap phones match the features, safety and security latest mobile phone like iPhone  4s . Absolutely not! By merely looking at the real iPhone 4S and a duplicate mobile phone, one can tell which is original. It is advisable to buy only a original iPhone 4S.

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